New Balance Commodities is a custom blending facility that offers nutritionally balanced rations and custom blended rations to fit your specific needs. If there are ingredients not listed that you prefer, please contact us.





The products we can blend are:

  • Ground Corn Cobs

  • Soyhull Pellets

  • Gluten Pellets

  • Dry Distillers Grains

  • Rolled Corn

  • Cottonseed Hull Pellets

  • Soy Oil

  • Other products available upon request



  • comix
  • calibrate


New Balance Commodities is committed to providing the highest quality services and products to our customers. We understand that today’s livestock producer has a number of choices when it comes to complete dry feed rations. Some of the biggest concerns that producers have relayed to us regarding complete feeds are nutritional value, digestibility, safety and price. Our blends not only offer high energy and protein values but are highly digestible, have a high safety factor and since we do not have the cost of pelleting, the rations are much more economical than most commercial feeds.


Some of the uses that fit our blended feeds include but are not limited to:

  • Calf Creep

  • Back Grounding Calves

  • Replacement Heifers

  • Supplementing on grass

  • Weaning

  • Cows

  • Extending Pasture

  • Increase Stocking Rates

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Co-Mix Calibrate

*Typical Nutrient Profile


Crude Protein




Crude Fat




Crude Fiber


























Vitamin A



10,000 IU/LB

Mixing Directions:

This product is designed to be fed to cattle in self-feeders to aide in controlling intake with corn and soybean by-products. NutreBeef© CSI BP can be adjusted depending on a producers targeted intake. Intake can vary depending on type of cattle, age of cattle, environment, feeder placement and feeder management. Cattle still need 25-45% of their daily intake from other feedstuffs including pasture or hay to complete their diet. Forage quality and quantity can also affect intake. Good quality water MUST be available at all times.

Co-Mix Calibrate

  • Designed to control intake on corn co-product diets

  • Added Rumensin for rumen health and feed efficiency

  • Provide a balance of Rumen Degradable and Rumen Un-degradable Protein

  • High Calcium, Vitamins & Trace Minerals for balance with the use of corn by-products

  • Added Thiamine to aid in the prevention of metabolic disorders that can occur when feeding high levels of corn by-product

New Balance Commodities stands to be your complete feed and nutrition service provider in Iowa, Missouri, and all parts of the Mid-West. Corn and Soybean co-products continue to be very reliable and competitively priced feedstuffs in comparison to today's grain prices. Co-Mix, our trademarked co-product blend, has been proven through our individual research, field trials, and most importantly, our customers. Performance and cost of gain benefits are realized on higher roughage where starch can be a negative.

New Balance Commodities and Cargill® Animal Nutrition now developed a product that will give producers the flexibility to control intakes of Co-Mix and our other co-products while using a self-feeder. Co-Mix CALIBRATE offers producers convenience in supplementation and reduced costs versus traditional corn limiting programs.



New Balance Commodities has the unique ability to utilize many ingredients from our facility along with NutreBeef® CSI BP. These include:

  • Co-Mix

  • Soybean Hulls

  • Corn Gluten Pellets

  • Dry Distillers Grains

  • Corn

  • Rice Hulls

  • Ground Corn Cobs

  • Corn Syrup

The Co-Mix Calibrate Advantage:

  • Ideal for utilizing non-traditional ingredients; corn by-products

  • Intake control system with predictable daily intakes

  • Excellent pasture supplement during conditions when forage is limited (drought or seasonal dormancy)

  • Provides economical gains when supplementing low quality forage and corn by-products in dry lot

  • Increase the carrying capacity for your pasture

  • Limited technology

How does Co-Mix Calibrate fit your operation?

  • Calf Creep

  • Back-grounding Calves

  • Stocker Supplementation

  • Heifer Development

  • Bull grower

  • Bull conditioner

  • Reconditioning after the breeding season

  • Conditioning sale bulls

  • Cow conditioner

Self Feeder Management

  • Initially, place feeders at least 100 yards from water and from cattle resting areas.

  • Move feeders closer to resting areas to increase target intake or further away to reduce target intake.

  • Set feeder flow gates to prevent build-up of feed in trough. Keep feeders clean of moldy or wet feed.

  • Do not let feeders go empty.

Co-Mix Calibrate Controlled Supplement Intake
Please contact a New Balance Commodities Beef Consultant for further mixing directions.

Make sure that cattle have an ample supply of forage and fresh, clean, water at all times.


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Next In Line


Next In Line is specifically designed with the breeding female in mind. Next In Line is not just a feed supplement, but a program, and an approach intended to take your highest quality virgin heifers and develop them into the most productive 3 year old cows possible.


Next In Line is low in starch while carrying the right amount of protein and energy to meet cows needs and keep her productive.


The Next In Line program provides guidelines for each stage of production. The guideline along with the professionals from New Balance Commodities will provide you with information and assistance necessary to make sure you give every heifer worthy of keeping, the best chance possible of eing the NEXT IN LINE.


Key Considerations

  • Always have an accurate test for your on farm feeds stuffs and supplement appropriately
  • Always keep a good handle on body condition, work with a "second set of eyes" to help evaluation
  • Plan ahead
  • Fall post weaning is always the best time to add condition to thin cows; "breeder minerals or supplement" are best served being utilized 45 days prior to calving


Time of Year Stage of Production Management Nutrition Health
Spring/Summer Nursing Calf Monitor overall health, checks for pink eye, foot rot, etc. Creep Feed with Co-Mix
Right Now Emerald
Vaccinate: IBR, P13, BRSV, BRD 7 or 8 way Clostridial Dework
Late Summer/Early Fall 500-800 lbs Select replacements (Criteria: WW, Dam productivity, disposition, etc) Grow to achieve a 1.8 to 2.3 ADG Co-Mix/Calibrate
Right Now Bronze/Onyx
Consult Veterinarian & Nutritionist to implement a health & nutrition protocol pre & post weaning.
Fall/Winter Pre Breeding BCS Score, Weights, Pelvic Measure Pillar Right Now Onyx IBR, BVD 2-3 weeks pre breeding Vibria, Lepto Deworm
Spring Breeding Time Decide on breeding protocol - synch, bull, etc. Set time line for breeding to narrow calving window. Pillar Right Now Onyx Plan & implement breeding protocols: synchronization, AI etc. Have bulls semen checked 2-3 weeks prebreeding minimum.
Summer Mid Gestation Supplement to maintain a 6 BCS & provide continued growth Supplement grass as needed
Right Now Emerald with Fly/CTC
Monitor heard herd health: eyes, fly population, feet, BCS
Fall/Winter Mid Gestation/Pre Calving Test all hays & forages in order to prived a best coast, balance ration, Condition Score cows Pillar Right Now Onyx Scour vaccination 3-4 weeks precalving, deworm
Early Spring Calving to Turn Out Monitor cow BCS & calf health, note cows with dystocia to monitor future issue Pillar Right Now Onyx Newborns: Dip navals, ID tag, vaccinate calves for clostridial fly tags
Summer Breeding & Mid Lactation Condition Score cows, supplement cows as needed, creep feed calves Supplement grass as needed
Right Now Emerald with Fly/CTC
Deworm prior to grass turnout
Fall/Winter Weaning to 45 days prior to calving Condition score cows, test all forages & feedstuffs, develop plan for optimum cow condition before cold weather Co-Mix/Calibrate
Right Now Bronze
Inventory all supplies for calving

Please consult a veterinarian for any and all health and vaccination recommendations.
Use Next In Line to improve BCS in early part of fall/winter post weaning. Most important for first-calf heifers to provide best chance for rebreeding.




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