"We are very happy with Co-Mix. The gains are better than traditional creep and the cattle grow vs. becoming fleshy. The cattle start on Co-Mix very easy and start consuming the first week. Co-Mix is very cost effective vs. utilizing corn blends we have used in the past."


Steve Whittiaker
Wathena, KS



“Co-Mix is a highly palatable creep that calves really go after. The greatest attribute of Co-Mix is that it does not put a lot of flesh on cattle, but rather builds frame on the calves.”


Zach Kennedy
Kennedy Cattle Co.
Cumberland, IA



“We have used Co-Mix for the past two years for our back grounding cattle operations. We feed it to calves ranging from 350 pounds up to 850 pounds. We fed corn and protein before trying the Co-Mix and have been using it ever since. The thing that we really like about it is the new calves start eating it immediately when we bring them in which means less shrink and stress. We are very pleased with the rate of gains and overall performance of the product, the cattle put on more muscle versus flesh.”


Dustin Fast
D&J Farms
Villisca, Iowa



"Calibrate has allowed me to have a consistent gain on a self feeder. It was able to limit my heifers to a desired intake without the hassel of hand feeding daily. I am pleased with the appearance of these heifers and feel they are in the right condition for breeding."


Justin Rowe

3rd Generaion Dallas County Cow/Calf Producer



"As an insurance agent, I don’t have a lot of time to spend monitoring the cattle so it was nice putting my group of replacement heifers on Co-Mix Calibrate. The limiting agent in Calibrate set my mind at ease that this group wouldn’t get too fleshy. These heifers stayed in great condition and performed better than I expected. I’m very happy with Co-Mix Calibrate."


Doug Aistrope
Randolph, IA (Fremont County)



“I’ve been feeding it for almost 2 years. I love it!”


Phillip Chalmers - Feeds a Custom Blend

Grant, IA



Borkowski Angus Farm is a Heritage Herd of Angus cattle which sells bulls private treaty near Elliot, Iowa. Doug says “The calves take off on it really quick for me. Across bulls and heifers they averaged 743 lb wean weights when I fed Co-Mix. Later I added corn to the ration to get a 1400 lb yearling weight for my bulls. I love how simple it is to customize the ration, and it really works well. I can call Clint and gauge how to customize the ration as needed.”


Doug Borkowski

Elliot, IA




“I would highly recommend working with New Balance Commodities because of the close contact and communication of schedule and price, and their honesty.”


Al Robinson - Feeds 600 head and works with us to get Modified Wet Distillers Grain.

Atlantic, IA



"We are loyal because of the excellent service. New Balance Commodities is just an honest company and an honest group of people.”


Dave Travis

Creston, IA



“We value NBC for the good service. New Balance Commodities works for the best price for us, and the feed is always there when and how it’s supposed to be.”


Monte Ide and sons Chad & Andy - both direct ship and blended feed clients.

Shannon City, IA




“NBC and I take pride in timely deliveries and excellent service for our people.”


Todd Parrish - a direct-ship carrier for New Balance Commodities

Clearfield, IA